Can a SIM Ejector Tool wreck your iPhone?! - Be Careful!

What happens if I insert my SIM card removal tool into the microphone hole?! There's only one way to find out! Grab a JerryRigKnife here: Have you ever accidentally put your tool in the wrong hole? Today we find out if there is anything to worry about. And don't worry! It happens to everyone. Those holes are very close together. Lucky for us, smartphone designers appear to be on top of their game, and have anticipated a poke happy populous.
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  1. Ramsey Alshamaileh

    Ramsey Alshamaileh

    This joke has written itself an needs no further explanation 🤣 Keep it up Zach. Best wishes for you Kambrey and child ❤️

  2. GameR'Dam


    "Today we're gonna find out what happens when we put in the wrong hole."

  3. Levi


    I can say the vibrations on the S22 Ultra feel a lot different than my S10, and they're much MUCH weaker. Though I don't really mind because my phone is on my desk a lot of the time and the constant heavy vibrations from my S10 would drive me nuts from time to time.

  4. Mike Costello

    Mike Costello

    NEVER thought I'd hear the terms 'draining the balls', 'poking it in the wrong hole' when inspecting a phone. Using a phone, YES! Inspecting one, not so much.

  5. Rohan Jadeja

    Rohan Jadeja

    This "safe" design may not be deliberate but just a side effect of the components and their mounting method. They probably want to place the SMD package microphone on one of the PCBs they already have for the USB port. That would mean it's mounted parallel to the screen and always off-axis from the hole to divert the sound in. But hey, if it works to prevent accidental damage too, why not!

  6. Flav


    Thank you for the video! I upgraded to the s22 from my s9. The s9 had the sim slot up top and I just inserted the tool up there out of habit without thinking. Is it safe to assume the s22 will have the same safety measures in place for the top hole similar to the bottom mic like you demonstrated with the s22 ultra? Thanks for your time.

  7. Katherine



  8. MrDave450


    Have an S22 Ultra, the vibrator is significantly less effective then my last S20+. It's just too weak in my opinion and I miss phone calls all the time because of it. Not the worst thing when you're not expecting a call but still not great.

  9. Joe


    Zack always gives us excellent videos, with perfect explanations. The #1 and best! Keep up the great work. 👍

  10. Charles Deens

    Charles Deens

    Great video! I bought a s22u and i did poke the wrong hole. I couldn't believe Samsung placed the sim hole right next to the microphone. I did wonder if i caused any damage, but you laid those worries to rest. Thank You.

  11. Nikita79 MT

    Nikita79 MT

    Wow, I've been waiting for a video like this for a long time. It happened to me by accident that I poked the microphone hole instead of the SIM card slot and then I was really worried whether my cell phone was no longer waterproof or whether I had damaged the microphone with it. So 1000 thumbs up for this great video on this topic. Please test this in your upcoming teardown videos. That would be great and I would be very happy. Greetings from Berlin

  12. Echo VD

    Echo VD

    Honestly having done this before, it was only a problem back in the early 2010s where designs were still relatively new in transitioning from sim card trays to side sim trays. I did mess up a microphone a back then and you could always feel like something was rattling that came loose.

  13. Károlyi Sándor

    Károlyi Sándor

    "Today we are gonna find out what happens when we put it in the wrong hole, it should be interesting". I see what you did there Jerry. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Priyadarshi Khan

    Priyadarshi Khan

    Zack "what happens if we put it in the wrong hole?"

  15. Bram Weinreder

    Bram Weinreder

    Yeah I found out about this a while ago. Also putting it on the side probably doubles as an anti pop feature, where the extra air pressure from some sounds doesn't spike the mic and makes it easier to understand the person on the other end. You'd almost say the manufacturers want you to make phone conversations with their products, but who does that 😉

  16. iam James

    iam James

    Jerry is so underated, he's editing is so nice, his content is entertaining plus I love his personality too!

  17. 10k challenge with 0 videos

    10k challenge with 0 videos

    This guy exudes such a positive energy that he tends to lift everyone's spirit ❤️

  18. KolPiTech Channel

    KolPiTech Channel

    Definitely useful video. ON S22 ULTRA it's easy to mistake the hole for the sim tray and mic as they are placed right next to each other. On my exynos S22Ultra haptics and vibrator motor feels weaker then the exynos Note10+ that I have.

  19. Alias Anybody

    Alias Anybody

    Even if it can't be poked, putting the mic right next to the sim card opening hole is kind of bad design.

  20. Daniel Royer

    Daniel Royer

    @JerryRigEverything Thank you so much for answering this question! You have no idea how happy this makes me. In your last teardown video of the S22 Ultra, I commented on this very concern. I have the S21 5G, and like a dummy I stabbed the wrong hole when trying to eject the sim card tray, and immediately thought I damaged my new phone before I even turned it on. Once I had everything set up I did multiple sound tests with the microphone, talking loudly and talking as softly as I can, and didn't hear any distortion that would give evidence that I had damaged the actual microphone. Your video gives me such a huge amount of peace of mind, and I sincerely thank you for making this video!