Galaxy S22 Ultra Durability Test - How does the New S-Pen Work?!

Its time to durability test Samsungs new Galaxy S22 Ultra! Grab a leather skin for your device here: Samsung is back at it combining their two flagship phones the S line and the Note line into one mega power house of a device. Like a Power Rangers joining into a Megazord. Except for slightly more boring. It is a phone after all. Today we are going to scratch test, burn test, and bend test this new Samsung S22 Ultra, to see how it can handle every day life.
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  1. Xavier


    "theres no need to be sad and poor, when you can just be sad" very well said Jerry, very well said

  2. PiquedFlow


    The camera layout LOOKS good but in a case is more difficult to clean, especially the tiny lenses. The Note20's single glass pane was much more effective in this regard.

  3. Dacota Maris

    Dacota Maris

    Just pushed my wife into the Samsung world by upgrading her from the X to this beast. Safe to say, she loves it. I also admire your comment about not upgrading because your device still works just fine. I wish more people had that mindset, but unfortunately, most people want the newest/latest stuff. Even if something from two, three, or heck even five years ago still does the job just as good (my Note 8).

  4. Jorge Muñoz

    Jorge Muñoz

    For anyone wondering the spen nibs of the s22 ultra are in fact replazable but Samsung did not include nibs or the removing tool in the box, but any of the old nibs will work perfectly.

  5. Jerry Ber

    Jerry Ber

    Jerry- "Lets see if it could stand up to everyday life..."

  6. New Yourk

    New Yourk

    The fact that the plastic wrap stalls him to the point that he has to mention it multiple times... proofs just how effective it is a stopping threats. 😂

  7. Lex Nel

    Lex Nel

    I love how seamless Zack is when touching on world events. It's not aggressive but you KNOW where he stands.

  8. Noel V Abraham

    Noel V Abraham

    When comparing this device to the Oneplus 10pro, this device is truly durable. Samsung equally distributes quality and features in every products.

  9. Márton Merész

    Márton Merész

    The new camera layout is top notch! However most of the case manufacturers took it way too easy and just made an L shape hole on their protective cases. That's a no go! I pre-ordered dbrand's grip case! They made perfect cutouts! Thumbs up to them (as always)!

  10. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Everything about this video was great! From the durability, functionality, and the side humor quips. Just great overall!

  11. King Insight

    King Insight

    I’m feeling so good about this guy who doesn’t change his phone just for the sake of showing off or hold the best and fastest processor. He does the right thing by making the decision through the quality and performance of the current phone. Everyone should have that mentality

  12. King Moist

    King Moist

    You break and tear things apart exactly how I crave. It is so interesting seeing all the components inside the Spen!

  13. Aiden Frost

    Aiden Frost

    JerryRigEverything's exquisite sense of humor and delivery is unparalleled, hats off sir! 😂

  14. John Williams

    John Williams

    Every time you release a durability/teardown video, I watch through fingertips and gritted teeth, but they are somehow so addictive! Great work.

  15. Jake Moeller

    Jake Moeller

    Thank you, Jerry, for the review on this Galaxy as Verizon has offered me a "deal" on this model. Even though my four year old phone works, it is a bit slow and I would like a larger screen.

  16. killaguy56


    I just got my S22 ultra today and noticed a big difference. There's an inch long plastic oval below the power button that doesn't look like there's much meat left for durability. Some precursory googling says it's a 5g antenna hole, and that's all fine. I don't want to bend my phone to see if it's a weak point. I'll probably not switch yo it until dbrand ships the grip case.

  17. Amy Bella

    Amy Bella


  18. Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy

    This phone could have been perfect with expandable storage and a fast charger included. They've spent so long competing with Apple they're turning into Apple.

  19. SilverStormShadow


    Finally, someone else who likes the individualised cameras, honestly it felt like every reviewer hated it and thought the S21 Ultra was far better, but I never found the S21 Camera bump to be anything great aesthetically, the S22 Ultra has a much nicer design in my opinion and I'm glad someone else actually likes it.

  20. Glen Snelgar

    Glen Snelgar

    How long do you think the LEDs behind the Always On Display would last? With the cover on, the display is always showing through the cut out. However, it is not dynamic, so I'm afraid of the LEDs burning out and leaving ghost numbers under the screen. What do you think?