Is my Electric Hummer LEGAL?! - Lets do some programming...

Is my EV Humvee street legal?! Lets find out. Visit: to get 30% off your first month of any Kiwico subscription! Huge thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video. One of the questions I get the most about building my own electric truck is if I will be able to drive it on the road. Today we find out the answer. Does Uncle Sam care what type of fuel is in my Electric Humvee? How much does it cost to register a custom electric vehicle?
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  1. Louis Rossmann

    Louis Rossmann

    You can do all of this and drive this at 65 miles an hour down the road yourself but God forbid somebody replace a chip on an iPhone board or a battery on a MacBook, safety and security of our children is at stake. Thank you for all the work that you do, and thank you for demonstrating that you can work on your own stuff, that this culture still exists in America, and that so many of the safety and security arguments that get used to keep people from working on their own property don't hold water

  2. Studio23 Media

    Studio23 Media

    I love that they changed the fuel type to electric, but left it as 8 cylinders. 🤣

  3. notacake


    My work involves lots of CAN-related engineering, so a few tips if you're still having trouble:

  4. BioREKT


    In the case of the insurance on this, I would definitely call and speak to someone who can verify that changing the Humvee this much doesnt change insurance, due to one major factor: The value of the vehicle. For example, say you're cruising down the road and someone T-Bones your Humvee and totals it because they weren't paying attention. Will the insurance offer you a payout at the price of the ORIGINAL equipment vehicle, meaning the diesel motor, transmission, etc, or would they offer you a payout based on what the vehicle has in it now? Because I would be willing to bet that the payout of the original equipment vehicle is signifcantly less than if they took into account all the electric equipment you just installed.

  5. MrBarneyDinosaur


    "We should know IN A FEW MINUTES if the Hummer's gonna be legal"

  6. Maker's Muse

    Maker's Muse

    10 bucks!!! You're looking at full certified engineering sign offs plus inspections at a bare minimum over here for electric conversions. I'd love to do an EV mighty boy one day and hope that I can get it on the road as smoothly haha. Such a sweet build.

  7. Toxicity


    In Germany you would need a deep inspection to get it certified for the german roads. Its a good idea if you want to build a new car or rebuild it to get the TÜV involved from early on. So that you both are on the same page.

  8. PhilBurg


    You should take all those wires needed for programming and remote mount them all to a single panel in the glove box or something then label them. Then you can just sit in the passenger seat and program all of the systems at one location.

  9. Opera Studio

    Opera Studio

    Just a curiosity: in the registration paper you've shown, it still says "cyl 8" (8 cylinders). Did they made a mistake or they didn't really get that your humvee doesn't actually have any cylinders anymore?

  10. Assaf Itzikson

    Assaf Itzikson

    I'm both happy and sad at the same time to see the end of this project. From one side, I really like to see how it ends (all clean with maybe a lick of paint and organised cables), but on the other side, it's been such a great process and project, that I'd miss waiting for the next video and the next improvement.

  11. Ross Allen

    Ross Allen

    Watching this series, and other series similar definitely have me wanting to convert an old vehicle to electric. I have some experience with batteries and inverters now that I've set up an off grid electrical system for my school bus to tiny home conversion. Crazy how interesting and cool it all is.

  12. Nigel Loke

    Nigel Loke

    Here (Singapore), it is outright illegal to change the propulsion of the vehicle to anything else, unless it is the same exact engine.

  13. tiadaid


    Since you pronounce HMMWV as Humvee, why don't you pronounce DMV as Dumvee?

  14. Red Squirrel

    Red Squirrel

    It's good to know they don't give too much trouble to register it! I'd like to eventually do a swap at some point. Buying EVs new is just way too much money, and not a fan of all the electronics and internet connected and app based stuff.

  15. Aza Shukri

    Aza Shukri

    I am loving every bit of this series, good luck with the rest of the stuff.

  16. Cyriac Scheefhals

    Cyriac Scheefhals

    This series is absolutely amazing, just finished binging the entire playlist and I can't wait to see how it pans out! I also wonder how much it cost to get to where you are... Is it cheaper to get an F150 Lightening?

  17. Aaron Coffey

    Aaron Coffey

    Jerry, I have greatly enjoyed watching this project come to life. These videos have been some of my favorite videos in my feed. I look forward to seeing how this project comes to an end and I thank you for your great content. Keep up the good work!

  18. xXquackiXx


    If you want a detailed safety inspection, just visit a german TÜV with your humvee. I can guarantee you, that you would not believe how many different tests your vehicle would need to pass in order to get a registration for the drivetrain swap 😂

  19. Julia Red

    Julia Red

    This series is seriously addicting...

  20. Carlo charlie

    Carlo charlie

    8 сағат бұрын

    I live in Italy and burocracy here is extremely slow. So yeah I agree the ensurance and road legal swaps seemed a little too simplistic but at the same time envy the ability the US seems to give to people to just do stuff.