Can my Garage Handle 4K Lasers?! - New Portable Theater

Hummers need entertainment too. Grab your Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K HERE: The is a portable 4K resolution theater that can turn any flat surface into a movie experience. As soon as I get this Humvee moving, we are going to play Breath of the Wild... in the actual wild.
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  1. Tuttifrutti


    Wonder if Jerry talks with his "commercial" voice at all times... "These apples will come in handy when we're making apple pie later"

  2. NextJaeger


    This gives me an idea: Put a wall outlett in the humvee that uses its main batteries. So like the Anker but a lot bigger and mobile.

  3. MrMarty77


    We sometimes turn our Nissan Leaf into a mobile drive-in theatre. It's fun to just drive somewhere with friends, find a white object (van, lorry, wall,...), fire up the projector and watch a movie together. We use a normal projector, pure sine wave converter, raspberry pi and a fm transmitter to make it work with multiple cars. It's great fun!

  4. ShaOryDow


    Here I imagine a midnight traffic Jam, with Zack booting up the Projector while saying. "Let's get started!" Giving everyone who's stuck in traffic something to do.

  5. Simon Nagy

    Simon Nagy

    Imagine the price of this projector if everybody can get 700$ off from it😅

  6. Sillars shenanigans

    Sillars shenanigans

    I got an email about this projector last week and notice you had given them feed back on it. Did wonder if you would do a video about it. Sadly its way to far out my price range, would be a nice bit of kit to have.

  7. Farouq Suleiman

    Farouq Suleiman

    Zack: My Hummer is lonely at night perhaps I should play a movie for it to watch.

  8. R Anderson

    R Anderson

    Now you need some sweet surround sound speakers inside the HMMWV, and your go anywhere movie theater minus the popcorn would be complete.

  9. redfirekla


    Excellent review that power station is nice for a cabin maybe two of those and and a few solar panels and should be good to go with this laser projector. Can't wait for the coolest project on youtube to be completed once you start driving the EV hummer it will break youtube that is the coolest project by far...

  10. TonySings


    Love your content Zac! You’ve saved millions from purchasing faulty technology! Thanks for all you do!!

  11. Chris Kronberg

    Chris Kronberg

    Man-cave in the garage. Looking forward to seeing the finished hummer! awesome job getting it working. I used to test electric motors and inverters so a lot of this is familiar to me.

  12. Tashinga Nyandoro

    Tashinga Nyandoro

    Zack just remember today we are not testing device durability lol

  13. Kitenofs


    imagine having a headlight that can flip around and reveal a projector

  14. Madwyn


    4K laser means fixed 60Hz refresh rate. I’d trust Jerry for the tear down, Unbox Therapy for the box smells, but display?

  15. Akujiwar Bladefist

    Akujiwar Bladefist

    4k matrix laser headlights ;) im sure you can mash together a control system. not sure about the brightness though.. maybe its a bit low. pc etc + cam + software. maybe something up the alley of "Stuff Made Here"

  16. Willy B YT

    Willy B YT

    Would love to see it mounted!

  17. Warran Mouton

    Warran Mouton

    Giving you a like for that intro alone, nice job! Always brilliant content

  18. JesusLovesYou


    I expected a FULL teardown from you, I really can't understand how that is a REAL "Laser" projector. I do not believe it, I am not sold.

  19. zoladkow


    But do lens cover scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at lvl 7? 🙂

  20. ThatdudecalledSilas


    Zack whenever he buys stuff