Transparent Technology - WHERE DID IT GO?!

See-through Tech is my favorite! Grab your CLEAR JerryRig Knife HERE: My addiction to clear technology started way back when I was but a wee young lad. I spent hours working and saving up money so I could buy my very own Atomic Purple Gameboy color. Here we are 24 years later and I'm still obsessed with transparent tech. Being able to see electronics from the inside without needing to take them apart is super fun. Grab a Teardown skin for your own phone here:
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  1. Lance Lindle Lee

    Lance Lindle Lee

    Zack likes transparent stuff so much, he even dyed his hair transparent.

  2. Hiranya Kumar

    Hiranya Kumar

    Inmate: "So what are you in for?"

  3. arpir


    Transparent nerf guns were by far the coolest part of this trend. seeing everything work to shoot a foam dart 20 feet made my young mind explode. that being said, all the guns I had are now a gross yellow from UV exposure. super cool to have in the moment but long term I see why it fizzled out of the norm

  4. pbft.j


    I must admit that I tried casting a mold of my knife scales out of resin once.

  5. Dallas Seiwert

    Dallas Seiwert

    I’m really glad Zack cleared that up at the end. I was worried my order for a transparent JerryRig Knife wasn’t going to include a transparent JerryRig Knife.

  6. Nick


    As a former CO who had to heavily monitor, and at times take these TV's apart, it's actually surprising how people can disguise stuff even in transparent technology. The RVA transparent alarm clocks are way easier, and they're often used as lighters in prison because there's technically no actual use for an alarm clock as you're getting woken up anyways.

  7. 714 Metal Detecting

    714 Metal Detecting

    Thanks for being TRANSPARENT with us Zack

  8. Tech With Brett

    Tech With Brett

    People keep asking me about the bling that I have in my pocket, "Why yes, that is a JerryRigEverything knife."

  9. fripszilon


    Gotta be honest, I was really worried he was going to start disassembling or scratch-testing all those gloriously clear devices. Thanks for showing us what's inside without destroying these historical treasures!

  10. Mario S

    Mario S

    So wait.. you're telling me that prison is full of transparent tech AND headphone jacks??!?

  11. 10p6


    Nice. Around 1980's ish, my parents bought me a transparent credit card sized calculator which was awesome back then.

  12. Midwest Kid Shenanigans

    Midwest Kid Shenanigans

    I have a transparent numeric calculator. The whole thing is clear, and you can see the traces for the capacitive "buttons" running through it. And of course the translucent iBook Clamshell laptops, although they were more prone to cracking than the white plastic ://

  13. TechDove


    Watching Zack unbox a clear knife, with another knife while one was clearly visible on the table was just so funny to me

  14. Jody Krivohavek

    Jody Krivohavek

    Had a transparent case replacement for my old Dreamcast. I painted the inside with a light dusting of Transparent purple paint. Looked like a purple gem when I was done. Yep, Teen of the 80s here.

  15. Elite Wolf

    Elite Wolf

    Appreciate the morning humor! Hope you and your family are staying safe and having a great year..

  16. Eiv Gaming

    Eiv Gaming

    I love to do transparent shell replacements for all my old consoles. Loved that handhelds used to come in so many different colours.

  17. Elaine Miller

    Elaine Miller

    I have always loved transparent items and you remind me of my little brother. I just bought three of them. Thank you so very much for sharing!



    Just bought one of your clear knives and I can't wait to use it! Love the channel and your work!

  19. Rho MX

    Rho MX

    I’ve always wondered where transparent/neon stuff went after the 90s. I loved my transparent OG Xbox with see through controllers

  20. BReal


    Jerry, i just can't wait any longer for the next electric humve video. they are just too good. the transparent knife too is not bad at all, cool design!