The ELECTRIC HUMMER projects 'coolest' video YET...

Time to add some COOLING to the Humvee! Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video! New Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit or text "jerryrig" to 500 500 to try Audible today! My Electric HMMWV cant get very far without liquid cooling keeping everything chill. Today we are going to add a cooling pump, a radiator, and a whole lot of plumbing to circulate the glycol and deionized water through our motor and Tesla battery modules.
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  1. Kevin Hosea

    Kevin Hosea

    Personally i think this series has been your best content in a couple years

  2. The Norwegian

    The Norwegian

    Tip: The clear hose will turn brittle from the antifreeze pretty fast. I used two 5cm pieces of chemical resistant clear hose in a boat where i installed a diesel heater system to help me see if there was air in the system, but the hoses became discolored and hard over the weekend. Had to change them out with proper radiator hoses, like the rest of the system. Also, you should add an expansion tank on the highest point of the system. It holds air that acts as a "damper" for when the system gets too hot. The liquid expands quite a lot when heated, and will burst your pipes. Air is compressible, liquid is not! But, i also have to say that this looks absolutely beautiful, and i am extremely impressed with what you have made!

  3. Gumboot Zone

    Gumboot Zone


  4. phillip galas

    phillip galas

    I would recommend a thermostat for the battery coolant loop to bypass the radiator, and possibly a second radiator just for the batteries. On warm or hot days it doesn't matter, but on cold days you wouldn't want effectively freezing coolant pumping through the batteries. Regulating the pump speed can only do so much. You'll end up with unbalanced battery temperatures

  5. Omar Aqq

    Omar Aqq

    Its amazing watching this machine come to life start to finish. Thanks Zack for the amazing quality and hard work.

  6. Kanishk Modi

    Kanishk Modi


  7. Tarukai788


    "Gas or Diesel?" "Electric"

  8. Aaron Myers

    Aaron Myers

    A few minutes after you were driving it around my Apple watch notified me that my heart rate had been over 120bpm while sitting still. So excited to see all the cool conversions of the future!

  9. markhenderson123


    I LOVE how your content has evolved over the years into this!! This has been such a fun project to follow. Thank you for all the hours of work on the Hummer/ videos and giving us such great content. I can't wait to see how the Hummer finishes up and whats next!

  10. m Patrick

    m Patrick

    I love how these videos are so concise and easy to understand. Never get tired watching or listening to these. Camera and editing are superb.

  11. Afaq Umair Khan

    Afaq Umair Khan

    This is so cool to watch. The humvee coming alive and kicking. Loved this series and can't wait for it to be finalized. All the best

  12. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    This project is so amazing, I wish there were more youtubers doing high quality content like this!

  13. Phillip Lowther

    Phillip Lowther

    This is an awesome series! I’ve watched every minute of it. I noticed you hard mounted the radiator. I would suggest isolating with rubber for vibration dampening. Aluminum radiators will crack if hard mounted. You plan on off-roading so I think it would be wise to isolate it!

  14. Cullen Lundy

    Cullen Lundy

    Wow the Humvee is looking great ! I was wondering if you needed a coolant overflow tank ? Wouldn't it help release excessive pressure on the system. With additional heat the coolant will expand and could overcome your system

  15. Femboy Chaos

    Femboy Chaos

    Every part of this is just awesome! Can't wait for off-roading videos too. You're videos on this are just amazing and the way you approached the build was a masterclass. Thanks for being an awesome creator! This makes me so happy for the future of DIY electric transport

  16. Ross McLain

    Ross McLain

    I have loved watching every step of this project! I hope for more of this type of build content for a long time to come! Thank you!

  17. Ade Irawan

    Ade Irawan

    I do enjoy this series, not gonna lie I really do. I can't even hold how happy my face is when FINALLY this project come to its finish, and watching how it will be done in couple next videos is my top list now. I'm from Indonesia btw

  18. JaiRestore


    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

  19. 714 Metal Detecting

    714 Metal Detecting

    The smile on Zack's face when he pulls out of the garage in the electric Hummer PRICELESS !

  20. fadetounforgiven


    Nicely explained. However, I'd like to give my two cents as well. On one side, an expansion tank would be, as some others have said, quite necessary, not only because water expands and contracts but also because althought the system may have no leaks in theory, in practice there may be some if, for example, the lid of the radiator allows some vapor to be released when it reaches a certain pressure. All in all, the temperatures this system should work are nowhere near what an internal combustion engine has to deal on a regular basis, but that adds that extra peace of mind.