Somethings wrong with the OnePlus 10 Pro... - Durability Test!

I have bad news about the OnePlus 10 Pro... Good news about shipping though!: Sign up at for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts. OnePlus has been around for a long time... And usually does very well during my durability tests. But today... thats not the case. The OnePlus 10 Pro does not survive the JerryRigEverything durability test. It snaps in half... quite catastrophically. Thank goodness for spell check, cuz I'm not sure how to spell catestrofically without it. Either way, the OnePlus 10 pro, (or OnePlus 2 if you're into binary) did not survive.
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  1. egs1505


    I believe OnePlus peaked with the 7 Pro. Ever since then, they settled

  2. Boxxi


    I remember always being excited for OnePlus’ new phones, haven’t had that same feeling with their latest releases…

  3. Govind Menon

    Govind Menon

    Come on Zach, one plus is simply giving us the value king with this phone here. Who else offers a folding phone at a 1000 dollars? Didn’t think so. Oneplus truly never settled

  4. Anubhav Das

    Anubhav Das

    For many OnePlus enthusiasts like me, I would still prefer a phone that becomes foldable phone at just a simple snap. I love this duality from OnePlus.

  5. Keith K

    Keith K

    I think you should include drop tests, I'd be very interested to see how the current fashion for glass and ceramic rear housings stand up to a drop onto concrete from waist height or thereabouts, I understand these materials look great but most people use some form of protection which invariably hides these premium materials from view and adds more weight and bulk to already big phones!

  6. Eugene Nalpin

    Eugene Nalpin

    Still rocking my OnePlus 3T for six years and counting, I really love that I can take off its aluminium back panel with just a knife and a paper clip in case of anything disconnecting after a drop, and am really hesitant to switch off of it.

  7. Elca Gaming

    Elca Gaming

    Damn, kinda scary how easy that second bend from the other side looked. Looks like you could bend it by just pushing it against a table with one hand.

  8. Sirus Laia

    Sirus Laia

    It's extremely strange that this could happen. With all the best practices the industry got from years of making smartphones, this engineering mistake should not happen at all.

  9. NoName


    Wow, I remember how good and well the OnePlus 6 was fot it's cheap competitive price, how fancy and just perfect the OnePlus 7 Pro got with its 90hz 1440P notchless Display, how impressive the Camera was on the OnePlus 8 Pro and how they managed to improve that camera and all with the OnePlus 9 Pro. I really liked the strong improved Ultrawide camera (same as Huawei did but without Google nothing works) Don't forget the perfect Oxygen OS!

  10. Engin Kaynaroğlu

    Engin Kaynaroğlu

    I have always been here to check if the newly released OnePlus unit would survive and what I saw never disappointed me, until now.

  11. jog3ee


    12 сағат бұрын

    Was planning to switch from my 1+ 5T which has proven to be a loyal partner with a solid built that has survived many falls and abuses.

  12. TheZeLL


    Nice to see that oneplus has also entered to folding phone market.

  13. Bane Tudajfor

    Bane Tudajfor

    Yes, yes it most certanly does! If I'm shelling out 600$-1500$ for a "smartphone" you better believe I want it to NOT FOLD unless it's a feature :D

  14. RakeshK


    Hey Jerry, it's an awesome thing how unbiased you are when you test the durability. It's my humble request for you to please wear safety gloves for your hands, because glass is glass and it breaks... Lots of love for your consistency in delivering quality content. Please prioritise safety 🙏

  15. Prem


    It's not that easy. I really liked it the way you explained. Each time you're doing it in your own way. It's not that easy. Looking forward for more in the future. Take care, Thanks Man.

  16. E.R


    Yes, it does have an impact, especially since OnePlus has the highest prices, at the same level as Samsung. I am expecting something more durable from a 1k phone.

  17. Seraph Chaluer

    Seraph Chaluer

    16 сағат бұрын

    I've been running with mine for about a month now can't say that I've had the urge to attempt to bend it. And it's always in my back pocket maybe the assumption is everyone is smart enough to get a case but the late release to America (Texas here), was due to not believe all Americans are intelligent enough to put a protective case on it

  18. Delta


    Oneplus's durabilty failed along with their general hardware to the software to the company in general.

  19. JustusLM


    It's exactly the same construction mistake that the ROG Phone 5 has. They both have a seperation between a battery and PCB run along the entire width of the phone, and a weakness in both side rails at the same location. It's even specifically an antenna band on one side for both phones! (But the second weakness on the ROG Phone is the fan connector, not the volume button.)

  20. TsunderePixel


    After owning the OP7 Pro, with it’s amazing durability, I am glad that I realized the newer Oneplus phones were really bad. Things sure did spiral down quickly though, only 3 phones later and it is already this bad.