Will internal LED's compromise this Gaming Phone!? - Durability Test!

Its time to Durability Test the Red Magic 7! 🤖 Install Mech Arena for FREE here ✅ clik.cc/Jsu99 and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game! ⭐Huge thanks to Mech Arena for sponsoring this video. RGBs and Gamers go together like peanut butter and jelly, so its an awesome idea of Red Magic to put Red Green and Blue LED's into their gaming phone to light up the internal cooling fan. Today we are going to see if this Lit gaming phone can handle my durability test.
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  1. Graham Williamson

    Graham Williamson

    The fact red magic was able to fit all of that stuff in the center of the phone and not lose any structural integrity really shows how bad the one plus 10 is.. bravo redmagic

  2. Some guy on the internet

    Some guy on the internet

    i. really. Love. The transparent back. To see the fan and the little writing. Oh my god. I'd buy it just for that.

  3. ShaOryDow


    Would be interesting to have a sand/dust test for phones like these, to see what would happen if you were to accidentally drop your phone in the sand. Would the fans break? Clog up, die, etc.

  4. Aditya Narayansreejith

    Aditya Narayansreejith

    It’s got holes on both sides for the fan vent and an antenna strip in the middle just below that! None of them were led to bending the phone! This is a pretty solid phone!

  5. エレン・イェーガー


    Just remember RGB gives you an extra 10 to 20 FPS

  6. Andrew Penner

    Andrew Penner

    That moment at

  7. T3KNIX


    Red Magic seems to know what they’re doing on the structural level 😂

  8. The Incompetent Duo - TID

    The Incompetent Duo - TID

    Love the design of this phone, can't wait for the teardown!

  9. I. Moon9

    I. Moon9

    Despite having few holes and antenna band this beast didn't bow down to Jerry hands 👐.

  10. Shadow Clips

    Shadow Clips

    I love Red Magic's phone design than any other smartphone brand🙌

  11. ShiP wReCk

    ShiP wReCk

    A see-through back, and perfect structural integrity... Sounds like Red Magic has been watching your videos.

  12. Ritter Union

    Ritter Union

    "Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7" -Legend

  13. vstolpner


    Would be great to see a test of screen durability against impacts, not only against scratches.... Realistically all glass screens these days scratch the same way, so would good to find a new way to differentiate one glass from another

  14. Avi Baron

    Avi Baron

    Awesome that they're finally putting heartrate monitors back in phones! My Samsung Galaxy S3 had one integrated into the flash or something in the back of the phone. I used it with Samsung health and it got me more excited about running. Maybe it's all moot now that we have easy and relatively inexpensive access to smartwatches; but, still cool for extra security. (Can't cut off my thumb to sign in)

  15. Uncle Ned

    Uncle Ned

    I love the transparent back and internal writing.

  16. Tonyxcoba


    I'm so in love with the back of this device. The transparent design is just gorgeous not to mention ths mini LEDs

  17. JPB


    Samsung galaxies used to have those heart rate monitor, kinda good to have it back on newer phones!

  18. Embry Ocean

    Embry Ocean

    Phone companies are genuinely evolving because of YOUR pure bend tests. Bravo 👏

  19. Salem Techsperts

    Salem Techsperts


  20. ClickMe


    It would be interesting to see how such a phone handles water (fan)