Want a Ride? - My Electric Hummer Battery is MOUNTED!!

It is time to take our FIRST DRIVE in my Electric Hummer! Get your first month FREE with any Kiwico Subscription: www.kiwico.com/JerryRig This day has been in the works for a very long time. I started taking apart my Military Hummer January of 2021, and here we are taking it for a spin with its electric motors in February of 2022. A full year of hard work and learning later. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! Its been super fun and we have a lot more work to do! Should we add some Solar panels to the top?! I think so.
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips

    I like it - LS

  2. Josh Coray

    Josh Coray

    As a guy who designs electrical things as the day job, the time you took to do each wire and connection right is what I love to see in the field. Excellent craftsmanship all around. You used the right tools and took the right time to do it right.

  3. Daniel Thornburg

    Daniel Thornburg

    The high pitched whine that they were talking about is the DC braking feature of the motor controller. It's applies a PWM signal to the windings of the motor to hold it in position when momentum, gravity, or some other force is causing it to move when you're telling the motor to stop. High frequency switching (PWM) makes noise because of efficiency losses (sound, heat, light, etc.).

  4. Jim Buckman

    Jim Buckman

    Im impressed with all these different camera angles. You can tell he’s put a lot of thought into these videos

  5. Krook


    Love this series so much. I’m very interested to know what the final front/rear weight balance will be! And how it roughly compares to the original balance. Keep it up Zach!!! <3

  6. lvill


    Feels great to see it finally moving, can't compare to what Jerry must've felt since it is his project ☺️

  7. Junior Clase

    Junior Clase


  8. Grant Arnold

    Grant Arnold

    This was one of the most satisfying videos to watch in this series, yet!.. and not just because of the major milestone but also for all the detail in how those battery boxes are constructed. Impressive. Congrats!

  9. slashsplat


    Working, myself, on a relay setup for a rock crawler with 32 relays and fuses, I have been almost overwhelmed by the learning curve of rewiring the entire vehicle. This project blows me totally away, and really provides inspiration. Congratulations, you deserve all of the thrill of that first drive.

  10. Alden Crabb

    Alden Crabb

    The most unique beefy and technically well thought out electrified conversion ever seen on KZonlines! I take my hat off to your ingenuity and forward thinking throughout this epic build! 😃👍

  11. S D

    S D

    Have been waiting for this day all along and here we are.. so amazing to see this finally come together on its feet(or wheels rather ).. the entire journey has been so absorbing and equally connecting to the viewers.. i'm sure many of us started clapping around on seeing it move for the first time.. Thank You Jerry for this series and making us all part of the experience.

  12. steven theriot

    steven theriot

    You should put a couple driveshaft loops on it to prevent damage to the center box if you were to ever have a u joint failure. Hate to see it burn to the ground due to a battery venting. Great work! Love the series!

  13. Katherine


    I'm loving every single episode of this series! And I really hope he can come up with another project once he's done with this one because I'm quite addicted right to this series right now and I can't believe it's almost over!

  14. Anthony Denn

    Anthony Denn

    Wow, that's cool. The level of tech know how that's needed for this project is steep. Congrats on finishing it up ; )



    Been watching this project since day one. The amount of hard work and dedication you put in this really paid off, i am more than happy for your success. Congrats!

  16. Raktim Roy

    Raktim Roy

    Congratulations Jerry!! It is really amazing!! From the day it went to the present day, when it moves out of the garage on its own , has been a long, interesting and an awesome journey. Feels good that you made us a part of this. Keep it up!! Hoping to see more complex and fun projects from you in the future !!

  17. Kevmeister


    So good to see the Hummer rolling under its own steam. I’ve really loved this series and learnt so much through it. Can’t wait to see the first proper road tests. Hopefully not at 3am again.

  18. Vũ Lương Lân

    Vũ Lương Lân

    super satisfying to see this project finally bears fruit. been waiting for this moment for about a year now. congrats Zack!

  19. Hani's Experiments

    Hani's Experiments

    6 months never missed a single series and this is sooo cool, I'm so happy it's moving 🔥

  20. Bongani Peter

    Bongani Peter

    I'm impressed by the determination and consistency 👏👏Well done guys!!