Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro - Durability Test!

Today we durability test the Xiaomi 12 Pro! Check out Truebill & download for free here: www.Truebill.com/JerryRig Huge thanks to Truebill for sponsoring this video. The OnePlus 10 Pro and the Xiaomi 12 Pro are about the same cost, and have about the same specs. Today we compare the durability between the two android phones to see which one holds up better under pressure.
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  1. Ricky Aus

    Ricky Aus

    Should test midrangers from different companies to see which one survives it

  2. Henry Djunaedi

    Henry Djunaedi

    Would it be possible to add durability tests against dust and water? We all know some manufacturer won't get IP ratings, but i think it's important to know how much can the phone survive in "messy" environment

  3. Pranjal Rai

    Pranjal Rai

    OnePlus has basically cracked the code for how to disappoint one of the best developing community.

  4. walmartviolator


    I would love to see that paste used on a screen as well as a back panel. As it is I use matte screen protectors and I think it would be neat to see if a screen could become matte just by using the paste.

  5. Unhomie


    It would be hilarious to see how the frosting screws up a display (or like a timelapse kinda thing, to see how the display slowly becomes illegible).

  6. Garrett Reyman

    Garrett Reyman

    This is honestly the nicest design I've seen in recent years. I really wish Xiaomi would come to the US.

  7. Eiv Gaming

    Eiv Gaming

    Would love to see the etching paste put to the test. You should do it at the top of your hummer windscreen. Give yourself a built in sun visor :)

  8. Logan Painter

    Logan Painter

    I think the flame test is important in case someone drops it in a fire place. Or has it hovering near a BBQ. It's good to know that open flame takes time to hurt it rather than immediately combust.

  9. Jugram Haschwalth

    Jugram Haschwalth

    Feels weird and exciting to see the phone you are using getting tested and im glad that it passed the test as well :D

  10. Roman Udy

    Roman Udy

    21 күн бұрын

    Absolutely love your videos! Thank you for the entertainment you do) However, would you consider to test Sony phones, like Experia pro-i? Very interesting phone as far as I am concerned 😃

  11. GoatV8


    I think it would be cool to see how the etching stuff works. You could try to make a glassy back phone matte

  12. Made In Texas 3D

    Made In Texas 3D

    Definitely get the frosted glass kit. It would be awesome to see how well that works.if you don't mind destroying something you could try to do it super fine on the screen. I've heard of textured glass screen protectors that reduce glare. I don't know if I would use it on a phone but I can think of several other things I could use it for.

  13. SHARON


    Would love to see the quad speaker setup they claim in the next teardown video..😄

  14. Ayush Negi

    Ayush Negi

    I love how Zack forgets to remove the screen protectors before starting his tests 😀

  15. Amal Joe

    Amal Joe

    the Mi 12 series is one of the best looking phones to come out this year. it is simple, elegant and classy.

  16. iGot7-Wiz*OneStay-Aroha-Army-Once-OneIt


    I would lobe to see the Realme GT Neo 3 be tested. Planning to get that Dimensity 8100.

  17. Jimmy G

    Jimmy G

    Xiaomi 12 vanilla version is actually smaller at 6.28", it'll also be interesting to see if the smaller stature compromises the device's structural integrity compared to the larger ones.

  18. Marxyfen


    Love Xiaomi phones but with the changes AT&T have been making i cant use them anymore and the other carriers suck around where i live, had to switch from my poco F2 pro to a oneplus 9 pro, i much preferred Miui over Oxygen os , much more customizable with a less boring aesthetic than oxygen os

  19. TechDove


    The OnePlus 10 pro really is a disappointment isn't it?

  20. Yu Otosaka

    Yu Otosaka

    would love to see the etching paste put to the test on front screen.