With Current Gas Prices - How long until my EV is FREE?!

How many miles do I need to drive until my electric pays for itself in Gas Savings?! Today we do some rough math and find out! Obviously the cheaper the car, the sooner it will pay itself off. For example, a Chevy bolt is around $33,000 and would break even with gas prices even sooner than the Nissan Aria 2023. Huge thanks to Nissan for bringing us out to test drive their cars. Nissan has no editorial control or review over the content of this video. All thoughts are my own.
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  1. Donut Sandwich

    Donut Sandwich

    Man I think a lot of people will save money on gas, but with how large those turn signals are, I'm gonna take a hit with the amount of times I'll have to replace the blinker fluid

  2. It's Kim Java

    It's Kim Java

    Glad you called him out on the extension cord comment. 😆 Great vid!

  3. Zolar Czakl

    Zolar Czakl

    I drive a plug-in hybrid and rarely use gas because the EV mode covers my daily commuting needs. With gas prices as they currently are, it's really great to have that (partial) EV.

  4. Colton Firestone

    Colton Firestone

    One thing I just wanna say, I would love an electric car. I would’ve bought one instead of my current car and would’ve been super happy with it and I’m sure of it. However I live in an apartment and I can’t anywhere near afford a house because of the current housing market so there is no realistic way that I could see that I could have an electric car and see any benefits from it. Because I couldn’t charge it at home it would be more of a problem than a solution. And I would love to put solar panels on top of my apartment however it’s not up to me and the apartment that I live in does not have solar panels. It feels like not enough people address the fact that there are many people that Will never have access to a car like this simply because of where they live

  5. JE


    As a german ev driver I'm quite jealous hearing about those low energy costs you have in the US (both gas and electricity are much cheaper). We are paying about $.30 per kWh. Gas is at arround $8 to $9 per gallon at the moment (march 22). Fortunately we can install solar very easily and use that to charge (~$.10 per kWh). With that it's not only cheaper but also even more environmentally friendly.

  6. Shah Md. Ryhan Rasti

    Shah Md. Ryhan Rasti

    Hey Jerry. So, one thing I was thinking about is can you drive your Hummer EV while it's raining? Have you taken any precautions for that?

  7. fonk


    The front blinkers must require a ton a fluid - they’re huge

  8. The Dana Yi Show

    The Dana Yi Show

    "If grandma got into a tesla and accidentally floored it in plaid mode, she would die" 😂

  9. Riqitch811


    I've been a subscriber for about 5 years (and probably watching for longer), and I absolutely love how much this channel has evolved over the years. It has come a long way from just being a channel of drop tests and durability tests and I love it. Keep up the good work, Zack!

  10. a day in the life

    a day in the life

    I went EV a few years ago winning I have found all the free chargers in my area and have save over 6000 dollars to date not including the lack of matinence which have been 4 tires in 55k miles 🤪

  11. Adam Garrity

    Adam Garrity

    One question… Does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  12. cammac


    The “pay itself off” entirely is a bit of a weird measure. What you really need to pay off is only the premium over the cost of a non electric equivalent vehicle

  13. Arham Saeed

    Arham Saeed

    From teardowns and durability tests to doing EV reviews

  14. BeamerMT1979


    I bought a gently used PHEV and while I have a gas engine generator, I haven’t filled the tank in over the month I’ve owned it. Perfect for my work week.

  15. Celso Rojas

    Celso Rojas

    While I love the idea of electric vehicles, I'm not so sure about the "you pay for the car, but you don't fully own it"

  16. dcbel


    Nice review Jerry!

  17. Danny Schur

    Danny Schur

    Feeling pretty good about our 2021 Chevy Bolt, here in Winnipeg, Canada. In addition to the low purchase price (relative to Teslas and the Nissan), our electrical rates are some of the lowest in the world due to our ample supply of green hydroelectric power. And our gas prices are way higher than the U.S. - at around $2.00/litre. All of which means: that Bolt is paying itself off PDQ.

  18. Zo


    I love Jerry and his interesting life but an EV will never be Free. The battery for it will expire and you will need to purchase another anywhere from 8-12 years after initial purchase depending on how many times you recharge it, the environment etc. The current cost to replace a battery for an EV is astronomical. So petrol can go to 20 bucks a liter and it will much higher then that in my opinion, and people with EVs will enjoy and flaunt their vehicles up until the time the batter needs replacing. Remember that does not include all the other chassis and electrical components that can go bad. So the answer is NEVER. At least not until they come up with a very cheap, recyclable, high density battery.

  19. VenomInMahEyes


    Did he just casually mentioned “blinker fluid”? 😂😂😂

  20. Dmitriy Yevdash

    Dmitriy Yevdash

    I think it would make more sense in calculating the payoff period based on the offset of the prices of the cars. Trying to pay off the entire car in gas savings isn't taking into account the investment of an electric vehicle. It's just paying off a car for the reason of having a car. But for comparison reasons, If I was to spend some money on a new gas vehicle vs a new electric vehicle, the difference in cost (assuming electric is more expensive for a similar tiered vehicle) is the investment that needs to be paid off with gas savings.