This Video Doorbell Fixes Everything! - Every doorbell should have this...

Wanna know what's better than one camera?.... Two Cameras. Grab your own eufy Video Doorbell Dual HERE: USA Use code "VDDUALJRE1" for $40 off:
UK Use code "VDDUALJRE3" for £40 off:
CANADA Use code "VDDUALJRE5" for $40 off:
Video doorbells are very useful. Not just for security, but also for knowing if packages or food has been delivered to your porch; people dont always ring the doorbell. But this camera also recognizes who's at the door, reminds you to pick up your package and has no monthly fees. I think it's awesome that eufy Security now has a doorbell with TWO Cameras that record at the same time, and give the complete picture outside my door. Huge thanks to for sponsoring this video.
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  1. Isaac Kvasager

    Isaac Kvasager

    "I can't see anything below the camera" he says as you can see a dome security camera in the opposite corner that can definitely see his packages, haha. I get his's just funny.

  2. Elite Wolf

    Elite Wolf

    My Eufy doorbell camera from last year do a fantastic job.. the false alerts don't bother me to much.. but I'm happy with the software and the Eufy system

  3. Mike Russon

    Mike Russon

    Thanks for the review! Greetings from a fellow Utahn. 🤟👍

  4. Salman Raju

    Salman Raju

    Hai AnnA😍🥰 బాగున్నావా..

  5. Amanda Campbell

    Amanda Campbell

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. David Vincent 2nd

    David Vincent 2nd

    I really like it . I’ll try to make a wrap for it around entry door as my neighborhood will just steal the camera . Pretty sure I’m going to get it .

  7. The,Awakened satan within christ

    The,Awakened satan within christ

    It’s only a matter time when the thieves start stealing the doorbells

  8. Clash Of Clans SHIELD

    Clash Of Clans SHIELD

    I ended up getting the deadbolt version of this. Thanks for the video. How is the e-HMMWV project going?

  9. Sterling Archer

    Sterling Archer

    Great video. Anything by anker has a serious thumbs up from me.

  10. fox yang

    fox yang

    Lol I just saw the brand on some market, then there you go! Nice video

  11. Peyote Cody

    Peyote Cody

    12 сағат бұрын

    This is so sick. Great video again Jerry. I love how you always show different gadgets and electronics that are unseen or talked about.

  12. Mak er

    Mak er

    Yes, a nothing long winded comment 😵‍💫

  13. Jon Tait

    Jon Tait

    Hope the hummer project is coming along nicely cant wait to see that

  14. Russ Perez

    Russ Perez

    I always love your video!

  15. Patrick Madigan

    Patrick Madigan

    Cool... I was looking around for my first Doorbell Camera... Thanks for the info... Nicely done... =)



    Thanks Love from India 🇮🇳

  17. Observador


    Looking forward for durability test and disassembly video 😁

  18. RaviShankarK


    just right on time :)

  19. WH Photography

    WH Photography

    At the very least it needs a security screw or something. I know they're trying to make it easy for people to re charge. But once the wrong person knows these doorbells pop straight off you can easily cover your face and take the camera. It's so badly undermined. Every other security feature is worthless if it has nothing to protect itself.

  20. Yatindra Manas

    Yatindra Manas

    Videos like these make me realise that the delivery system in India is so good! Our delivery personnel hand the item in our hand! In case you're not at home, they give it to someone only when they contact and ask you about it, handing it to your neighbour or your watchman! They leave it somewhere only when you specifically ask them to! And in case they can't make a contract, they take it back to the nearest post office or back to the source, but never leave it on your door without notice! I only got to know a couple of years ago that parcels in US are left on door step and are stolen by passersby at times!