The Worlds *Most* POWERFUL Truck: The F-150 Lightning

Ford has taken Electric Vehicles to the next level. Lets hope everyone else can keep up. The new F-150 lightning can power an average home in the USA for THREE WHOLE DAYS. The massive battery pack and electric motors are a beast off road, can tow up to 10,000lbs, while still coming home at night to keep your entire house safe from power outages. Mind blowing. Nice work Ford!
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  1. Kareeb Hasnat

    Kareeb Hasnat

    So you've officially become the brand ambassador of electric trucks.

  2. Elijah Perrin

    Elijah Perrin

    My only concern with Rivian is longevity and part availability, Ford has been here for a very long time and will be here for even longer so I know parts will be available and this truck will just get better and better each year. Tesla has really improved and made a good name for themselves, I hope they make a work truck version of the cybertruck but it will be great I believe.

  3. Matt Cournoyer

    Matt Cournoyer

    Like you said, I think THIS truck is a game changer for electric vehicles! It serves an already well establish market segment, and can move many people over to electric with ease. The range, carrying capacity, and towing package are excellent. (RANGE!!!!) The fact that in addition to the large center screen (on the higher trim models), they still also kept all the physical buttons everywhere else that you'd expect is top notch understanding of their buyers! NO ONE wants to have to navigate through on-screen tabs and menus to accomplish something that used to be a no-look single button push!!! (glaring at Tesla) The front trunk storage is awesome! (I wonder if someone will make front trunk tool bins that replace bed tool boxes?) The outlets all around the vehicle, including 240v in the bed are sweet, and the ability to send power back to the home during an outage via the charging cable with some extra hardware installed in the home is a major leap forward!!! Oh, and the charging rate that this truck is capable of is incredible, and nicely future proofed since it exceeds what most charging stations currently offer. Lastly, the Ford Charge Station Pro... WOW, 80 AMPs... (needing a 100 AMP circuit from the panel) that just makes me giddy. (100 AMPs is my whole service panel currently.)

  4. scotty305


    I appreciate that the Ford looks mostly like a normal truck, there are already plenty of spaceship-looking EVs for people who want that style. I hope they are reliable, because an electric pickup should be super useful. Imagine being able to back into your garage without poisoning yourself, or having instant cabin heat in the early morning without making engine noise or stink.

  5. ntelas


    I really appreciate a company when they give you /exclusive/ access to their product but don't forbid you from mentioning their competitors. This is the way! Great video Zack!

  6. SirJoeDirt


    I’ve always been interested in an F-150. The gas mileage of a truck was always a deterrent to me. This electric pick up will be a game changer to many people who feel the same way I do.

  7. Josh L

    Josh L

    I guess I'll be waiting a year or two to see how it does as far as maintenance and reliability and how well Ford treats it's lightning owners. I like what I've seen here, now I just need the rest and I'll buy it.

  8. Hobbies4Hire


    If you had told me 5 years ago that Ford would be making such smart decisions and helping to pave the way for the future of EV, I would have laughed in your face. The smartest thing they have done was to make it just look like a traditional pickup truck. If they drop the same power plant into a Ranger Lightning, it might just outsell the Tacoma in the mid-sized category.

  9. Richard Nguyen

    Richard Nguyen

    The home backup battery feature alone makes this extremely competitive against other offerings. Starting at 40k for the pro model that can do all of that and not including tax incentives, it looks promising.

  10. Pink Elephants

    Pink Elephants

    I'm a HUGE self-confessed Teslateer but I still think that apart from range, the F150 leaves the CYBRTRK in the dust in terms of overall functionality; when it comes down to it, functionality is the whole point of a Ute.

  11. Joe Crescenzi - Learning YouTube Audio / Video

    Joe Crescenzi - Learning YouTube Audio / Video

    I love the fact that he fully understands how important this particular truck is to future of the industry.

  12. Jason Desjarlais

    Jason Desjarlais

    It will be interesting to see what kind of range Ford will get when they design an aerodynamic truck vs F150. it's been fun seeing the different reviews. Haven't seen anyone talk about the tech of aerodynamic they have used in the F150 underneath the vehicle....why it's important not to have it in any other mode but offroad when going off road (aerodynamic plates underneath opening and closing) and vice versa (off road mode on the highway will greatly reduce range). So much engineering tech here....congrats Ford.

  13. Üf


    Actually way cooler than I thought it would be

  14. JaiRestore


    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

  15. Juan Carrillo

    Juan Carrillo

    Excellent review! You covered a lot of features that other reviewers missed. Great job!

  16. babybirdhome


    I’m still on board with the CyberTruck, but Ford was definitely pretty on point with this truck - I think they’re going to sell a crap ton of them and nothing could be better for the market than that. Well done, Ford!

  17. New Moon

    New Moon

    This is the most impressive electric vehicle yet IMO. When you power it with solar, it doesn't matter how huge it is.

  18. Good Citizen

    Good Citizen

    This is the truck I have been waiting for. I love my 05 Ram. The power, the capability, the sheer fun of a v8, the taking $175 out of my pocket every week I can do without.

  19. Steve DOES

    Steve DOES

    Great overview of the truck! I can't wait for my reservation to be available.

  20. Voltaic Fire

    Voltaic Fire

    I must say that I love the idea of your vehicle having the ability to become a home scale battery bank. When combined with solar, your vehicle is saving you money just by being sat in the garage.