My Electric Hummer has a HUGE Problem... and its all my fault.

MY EV HUMVEE BROKE AND ITS ALL MY FAULT! - Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video! New Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit or text "jerryrig" to 500 500 to try Audible today! Ive been noticing a weird sound coming from the back of my Electric Hummer as ive been driving around... But it was hard to tell exactly what was going on. Let me know if you can spot what happened...
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  1. Sainishant Biradar

    Sainishant Biradar

    Hey, can't wait for the teardown once it's done

  2. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    So nice and convenient you could just pop into front wheel drive to get home 😅

  3. Charlie Lehardy

    Charlie Lehardy

    I'd recommend a safety loop for the drive shaft in case you have a similar problem again. It'll help keep the shaft from hitting the ground if either the u joints or the shaft itself break.

  4. The Mup

    The Mup

    Diff company: "Let's put a nice hat in the box for Jerry. I bet he'd love it!"

  5. 1867charlesb Beasley

    1867charlesb Beasley

    You should have a protective cover underneath the Hummer for the coolant lines so when your off-roading they don't get snagged and ripped out

  6. Based Bidoof

    Based Bidoof

    I liked that impact drill camera shot, where it shakes everything as it's hammering. Something about it gives you the visual feeling of what it's like to feel the vibrations, rather than just hearing them.

  7. Mike Costello

    Mike Costello

    Speaking of safety, it was noted in a previous video that the electric assisted steering you have is going to fail because you have the assist on the input side of the steering box. With a hydraulic assisted steering box the electric assist needs to be on the lower or output side or you are going to rip the internals of the box apart and have ZERO steering when it happens. The input side is designed for the low force, ie your arms, it's the output side that's boosted. You've boosted the input and that wont hold.

  8. JayKay


    I've loved this project from the start and followed it religiously. Each failure is a lesson and each lesson brings knowledge, you're a clever guy zack, can't wait to see the full offroad video

  9. Ethan Hegge

    Ethan Hegge

    Definitely gotta have you test it with Matt's off road recovery group. They put their rigs through some rigorous trails, would love to see how the hummer handles it!

  10. Nathan Zellmer

    Nathan Zellmer

    14 күн бұрын

    Hey, sorry to bother but I've been really curious about how you figured out the power train you needed to pull this beast around. Im looking into building an older 1966 f-100 into an E-Truck but I can't figure out how people figure out what their motor needs to be able to do, what controllers will work with what motors and so forth. I'd love some feedback on how you figured out your system and built it up!

  11. tullgutten


    You should weld up an steel "cage" for the middle driveshaft so it it fails again you prevent it bouncing around to much and may damadge the batteries.

  12. krisskuli



  13. The Dro

    The Dro


  14. Rob Peters

    Rob Peters

    I really love watching your positive attitude about things in life.

  15. Darrin Diss

    Darrin Diss

    I predict the output shafts or the gear hubs will be the next weak point. The entire drive line from engine to wheel hubs will need upgraded to withstand extra power.

  16. EatSleepBassRepeat


    7 сағат бұрын

    Definitely route all the harnesses as far away from the driveline as possible, I’ve seen driveshafts “grab” and quickly remove other components located nearby. As stated above a driveline loop is also very recommended. Great build, taking notes to build the hmmwv I have at my shop right now.

  17. Marluna


    Tip: To prevent tears and ripping while drilling, just set the drill to strengt 20. When it gets stopped, it doesn't break the part, the drill or hurt you! I tried it, and used it ever since!

  18. My MIND does STUFF

    My MIND does STUFF


  19. Scoob


    You forgot to put Teflon sealer in the yoke splines, this will cause a leak later. Big fan here been watching this build since day one. Keep it up.

  20. couu alis

    couu alis

    14 күн бұрын

    I really love watching your positive attitude about things in life. Things don’t fix itself when you get mad and have a complete meltdown. Keep up the great work!