I *FINALLY* bought a New Electric Truck!!

I have been waiting YEARS for today. The time has finally come for me to accept delivery of my new electric truck. Usually buying a brand new vehicle is a terrible financial decision. And it still is. For sure. But Ill walk you through a bit of my logic behind the purchase of this new Rivian R1T. I also review a lot of electric vehicles on my channel, so while it does make sense for me to have one - that might not be true for everyone. Luckily there are a lot of options to choose from!
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  1. Tech With Brett

    Tech With Brett

    There it is! Congrats on finally accepting delivery of an Electric vehicle you didn't have to build.

  2. Porsche House

    Porsche House

    I had never even heard of these trucks until I saw this video. Looks great. Went through to watch your other reviews on this truck. Good work 👍👍

  3. Ozzy Man Reviews

    Ozzy Man Reviews

    So cool to see, mate. I badly wanna drive one of these down in Western Australia ay! I'll take a review video at every milestone plz - 10,000. 50,000. 100,000. Cheers in advance legend.

  4. Lizlodude


    "The car took so long to deliver that in the meantime I built my own" is a heck of a flex lol

  5. Dal O'shea

    Dal O'shea

    If you want to bring that Rivian's tow range up, the gear tunnel is the perfect size for a hydrogen tank. You could throw a fuel cell into the truck bed or under the back seats, have it trickle charge the battery. Sounds like a really fun Jerry Rig project and I'd imagine the range could double.

  6. Scott McElhiney

    Scott McElhiney

    I'd be curious to see how well your wife navigates entry and exiting the vehicle. Is there a way for her to stow her wheelchair so that she can access it by herself? Or on adapting it for her to drive?

  7. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee

    Love the storm trooper spec 😎

  8. Jaden Sports Tech

    Jaden Sports Tech

    Now that is a fantastic truck… we love our Model Y but I’ve been eager to see some real-life reviews of those Rivians!! I’d vote for a 5,000 mile review!

  9. Nate Ford

    Nate Ford

    I'd love to have a Rivian, but those prices - especially after the recent increase - put it squarely in the only-for-rich-people category

  10. Damian Rodarte

    Damian Rodarte

    I never knew about the cool air bubble from the front tires that's wicked! Yeah I always said I would never get a new vehicle but as a gear head, the practicality and performance of this beast is kinda hard to ignore. I might be doing some investing myself based off you man. Congrats and have fun! 🤘🤘

  11. Axel


    I'll be honest, I'm jealous. Looks sick! Enjoy man.

  12. Hobbies4Hire


    So excited for you! Anyone who is into off-roading and has been on a trail near one of these things knows that there is a ton of potential to this platform. They just chew up everything you can throw at them, and they do it silently. I realized the other day that while I don't currently own any electric vehicles, I likely have purchased my last gas vehicle. I'm going EV from now on.

  13. Julien play

    Julien play

    The Rivian is the Tesla Pickup everybody expected. A really cool an innovative Car, even for Europe. hopefully I See one sometimes in Germany :/

  14. Much Good

    Much Good

    Design wise this and the hummer are definitely some of my favorite EVs. Excited to see what other vehicles Rivian makes in the future

  15. Travis Lundy

    Travis Lundy

    Great delivery. I would love to see real world towing range because 1/2 the rated ranged is just a deal breaker for me. Can't wait to see more of your EV adventures.

  16. V. Naik

    V. Naik

    Thanks for sharing the special pick up day with us! Enjoy it!!! Def looking forward to that full review whenever that comes out. Personally, I say do your first review of it after 1 or 2 thousand miles just to tell us how its been to settle into. Followed by a long-term review after 6 month or a year.

  17. SemiMono


    I love the aerodynamics on the wheels. Granted, with the truck bed, it seems like there's a bigger issue for aero.

  18. Hilary Thornton

    Hilary Thornton

    I say 1K, 10K, 50K and 100K mile reviews. Loved the call out of the child seat brackets. You and Cambry seem like you'll be great parents.

  19. Matthew Langley

    Matthew Langley

    Awesome. Congrats. Would love to see an initial impressions review after a coupe weeks. Also a in-depth comparison with the Model X would be really interesting. Including things like seat comfort, quality, etc.

  20. Daniel Monsanto

    Daniel Monsanto

    Not my favorite looks wise, but i am interested in seeing how it holds up with continuous use. Also is the bed liner a drop in or spray on, how does it hold up, and is the underside well protected from debris that can get kicked up?