Galaxy S22 Ultra Teardown - Can the S-Pen hole Leak?!

Time to take apart the S22 Ultra! Go to to get your first 3 months free to listen on the SXM App with a subscription to the Streaming Platinum Plan. Offer available online only. See Offer Details. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is probably the most powerful android phone of the year. A small increase over last year. I feel like smartphones these days have plateaued. (and yes, I had to google how to spell Plateaued. Who the heck comes up with these spellings.) Anyway, today we are going to take an inside peek at the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and see how water resistant the spen slot is from the inside.
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  1. Edwin


    Props to Jerry who in face of using a perfectly new phone, choosings to destroy it everytime and just use his old phone. A real inspiration for me when I see him having access to so many phones but still sticking with his old one. Makes me wanna use my 2 year old phone for longer

  2. ThreeTwentyTech


    I love these teardowns cos I don't have to pay to see the inside of these smartphones

  3. Gaben


    I've never imagined, that I'd ever hear Apple and repairability in the same sentence and I still have some mixed feelings about that. Isn't Apple the one who's hardlocking tons of parts to it's original phone?

  4. victor viziri

    victor viziri

    Hey Jerry, I was wondering what happens to the devices after they become obsolete as a result of teardowns? From the point of e-waste and sustainability? I was always watching these videos and find them interesting, but now I started to wonder whether there is any EoL management for these devices from the manufacturer at least, do they take it back for recycling or they don't care?

  5. antony muturi

    antony muturi

    It amazes me just how much tech fits into these phones, though it's also saddening to see one ripped apart

  6. André Zunido

    André Zunido

    14 күн бұрын

    Thanks for the teardown, the s22 ultra looks well built from a packaging stand-point. Wonder how long that charging port o-ring will last though. I'm still sporting my Galaxy S7, if it still had security/software updates I would keep it longer as it still does the job fine. Right now I'm looking to reluctantly upgrade (its been 6 Years).

  7. Cornelis de Ruiter

    Cornelis de Ruiter

    What a quality video! my daughter loves watching these with me and she is 6! we've been watching since she's been 2!

  8. Jonas


    Really appreciate that you recommend using a phone as long as possible and not changing it every year as many others do 👍

  9. ChuckleBerryFinn


    Upgraded from a Note 9 to the S22 Ultra just a few days ago, I wouldn't have upgraded if I didn't get a good deal for an upgrade. A solid device as usual!

  10. U.E. U.E.

    U.E. U.E.

    Repairability is DEFINITELY an issue, as I had several smartphones and one tablet in a good repairshop near my home several times.

  11. Patton 333

    Patton 333

    Zack is spot on about the plateau.

  12. Randa Ranatunga

    Randa Ranatunga

    The amount and strength of adhesive Samsung has used to hold the battery can probably hold the fabric of reality closed it it had to lol.

  13. SHADOW


    When he said "You know what else is tight" I lost it 🤣😂

  14. AstrayGT


    I'm curious to what happens to all these phones since there's that huge emphasis on being eco. How does one use these parts or recycle them easily?

  15. Joseph Buchanan

    Joseph Buchanan

    After 4 years I decided to finally upgrade to the s22 ultra. I plan on using it for just as long or longer. We'll see. Hopefully the battery will last 2 years without replacing.

  16. Filip


    I've had my Note 10+ for 2 and a half years, and this phone has been a great update for close to a week. It's great that it has 4 years of Android OS updates now.

  17. Mauritz Klaassen

    Mauritz Klaassen

    Nice, helpfull and informative review as always 💪🏼, I've only a tiny suggestion to make it ever better (according to my ideologys and values) 😊. For your viewers (in my opinion :)), to provide us with a more critical way of thinking, regarding the multinational smartphone marked , I think this world will benefit if we'll dial down the politics a notch 💪🏼

  18. Yashuop


    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints! ❤️

  19. Andrew O

    Andrew O

    Ah yes, another great video. I love this video as with every other video that he posts. I am going to stick with my Note 20 Ultra for as long as it can stay alive because I enjoy having a SD card slot for even more storage.

  20. L O N G

    L O N G

    Not sure if you have considered doing this type of vid, but maybe a durability test for screen protectors? Like tempered glass (different price ranges) and plastic ones?