Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra - You think you know... but do you?

It is time to durability test Samsung's most powerful 14 inch Tablet. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at . Thanks to for sponsoring the show! Tablets have always been a 'Of course that will break' situation. But... the only way to find out for sure if the Tab S8 Ultra from Samsung is durable is to actually durability test it. Today we will be performing the normal Scratch, burn and of course Bend tests on Samsungs Ultra tablet, so we can compare it to Apples iPad Pro. Should be very very interesting.
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  1. Kapil Saini

    Kapil Saini

    Finally Jerry meets his match. The tablet that fights back.

  2. Blaise9228


    I'm almost certain Samsung had Jerry in mind when constructing this tablet. That bend test though, jeez! Well done Samsung.

  3. Jesuzboi


    The frustration in Jerry's breath when the tab refuses to snap is priceless

  4. Tourister


    Imagine hiring someone just to bend test products for not losing reputation from these videos.

  5. Sean Lovely

    Sean Lovely

    I’m still relatively new to this channel, so seeing him snap the S-pen in half like that give me a series of mild heart attacks. I’m slowly getting used to the blatant abuse of costly technology, however, and this is a great watch!

  6. Richard Kuo

    Richard Kuo

    I was watching this video on my Tab S8 Ultra and words can't describe the anxiety I was feeling when it came to the bend test. I'm glad that I'm not suffering from buyers remorse as this tablet is amazing!

  7. Tech With Brett

    Tech With Brett

    The perfect device for Art Time with Jerry. I hope you frame it on a wall of success.

  8. Jontes TechTips

    Jontes TechTips

    it's actually insane that this survived the bend test while the relatively small Oneplus 10 Pro didn't...

  9. Ernest Bethel

    Ernest Bethel

    I've owned this tablet for a month and it is incredible. Absolutely love it. So light, feels so fragile. Glad to see Zach put it through its paces.

  10. Michael Cruz

    Michael Cruz

    The first time I saw this tablet I am 100% sure that it will not survive the jerry art time durability test. I'm super impressed. Nice work Samsung!

  11. Cristian_DP


    Not only did it impressively survive the bend test, it even fought back against Jerry during it, something never seen or thought about before. All I can say is that I'm very proud of being the owner of a Samsung device :)

  12. Ben Thomas

    Ben Thomas

    That's impressive, but what I'm really looking to find out is what happens when it's dropped onto a hard surface. That's much more likely than anyone trying to bend it in half.

  13. Ray00


    I was waiting for the bend test and how this ultra-thin piece of tech will survive considering how large it is

  14. GRAFHC


    Wow... I am genuinely shocked that it didn't crumble in the bend test, putting aside the rest of the features of this tablet, that alone demands a great deal of respect.

  15. Lasse Brustad

    Lasse Brustad

    I'm impressed. I was sure that it would snap at the bend test, but it actually completely survived. well done, Samsung! :D

  16. raqeeb ahmed

    raqeeb ahmed

    i love how he took the fighting back personally and tried his best to snap it in half

  17. Total Tech Talk (renovation in progress)

    Total Tech Talk (renovation in progress)

    I wouldn't have expected anything less from samsung, their durability is on a whole different level

  18. Casper Eliassen

    Casper Eliassen

    Hey Jerry, have you ever thought about burn testing the fingerprint area? Could be cool to test that out?

  19. madcowmoomoo


    Whoa! Not the end result I was expecting! MKBHD even said Samsung should keep this away from you because you will destroy it with the bend test! He couldn’t be more wrong. Awesome video as always!

  20. Muhammad-Amin Jacobs

    Muhammad-Amin Jacobs

    Jerry going full out battle mode after the tablet started fighting back at the end. Seriously impressive how he kept trying but to no avail!