Is the HUMMER EV really the World's Most Powerful Electric Truck? - Off Roading!

HUMMER has a thing for always being the biggest baddest truck on the planet... and they didnt hold back at all when designing their new electric supertruck. Come for a ride with us through the prickly cactus filled Arizona desert as we test the quad motor, 1000 horse power batterie filled monstrosity that is GMC's new masterpiece. Huge thanks to GMC for having us out to drive their new Hummer EV. I was not compensated for this video, nor did GMC have any review privilege's over this video.
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  1. fonk


    I realize it’s dumb but the one thing I really appreciate about the new Hummer EV’s is that for the first time in history they actually

  2. Harbir Singh

    Harbir Singh

    You've become the go-to guy for EV companies to let you test their trucks and I like that.

  3. briansmobile1


    For that much money I'd want to pick my own sub-twenty noise/chord or have options for it.

  4. Slavko Glamočanin

    Slavko Glamočanin

    The hummer as as concept is ridiculous, but the implementation is REALLY well done, love the responsive display, graphics, physical buttons, some actually sensible stuff... REALLY WELL DONE, GM!



    From bending phones in half to stress testing cars

  6. Stefan Van Zyl

    Stefan Van Zyl

    This would be an amazing car drive through the bush here in South Africa, but the infrastructure for EVs is just non-existent. Also, South Africa is one of the few countries that, instead of subsidising EVs, they charge a 40% tax on EVs. There is one dealer that will sell you an Tesla Model 3 for around R2,100,000 which is roughly $140,000, also 2.5x that of the US.

  7. Wosca


    You should do a comparison one day between your custom hummer ev, and the official one.



    Dan: " we should buy an electric humvy."

  9. Brendon De Boer

    Brendon De Boer

    The Banana for scale is everything. I was curious how large everything was and was getting frustrated to that point. Thanks for the accuracy!

  10. Jason Tufts

    Jason Tufts

    I can still see Rivian and Ford doing better, but I also see where the Hummer EV can fit in. I'm wondering with the newer battery packs coming to market and Dodge, Toyota and other car manufacturers what will be created/added. Hopefully at a nice price as well.

  11. KapnKuTT


    Honest question, i am far from an expert: Isn't the heavy weight a huge obstacle when it comes to offroading? Especially in loose sand and wet soil? I remember that in Matt's Offroad Recovery channel, usually lighter vehicles are used to rescue heavier ones? If you want to make an environment friendly offroad vehicle, wouldn't a plugin-hybrid with a small battery make more sense? Or are there more factors in play here that i do not know?

  12. DavidFrostbite


    I've always thought tri-wipers were cool. First time I saw them was on the Toyota FJ.

  13. Matt275


    I’d be concerned about road damage from this vehicle considering it weighs 9,000lbs. Certain roads in my area won’t let you travel them if they’re above 3 tons.

  14. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    I love how companies are approaching you frequently for truck related videos

  15. Splarkszter


    Really really great vehicle.

  16. Chris Mills

    Chris Mills

    It’s crazy that over the past 10 years, my new favorite cars have become electric. I remember when the first of them come out in Australia (Toyota Prius) and I just laughed and said I’ll never drive one. Now I’d do anything to get my hands on one.

  17. Jerin Jim

    Jerin Jim

    Jerry did say in the beginning of the video that the humvee is the world's most powerful electric vehicle at the moment, when in fact, the Rimac Nevara has about twice the power with 1914 hp. The Tesla Model S Plaid is not that bad as well, with 1020 hp.

  18. Dereck


    Let me give it to this guy his ability to communicate through all this so effectively is impressive with the information about the vehicle

  19. Fucc yah hat

    Fucc yah hat

    Thanks for showing people how awesome EVs are jerry! The world really needs this kind of coverage right now

  20. Black Weed

    Black Weed

    Truly mine blowing with all the options and things that you could do with this particular truck might even be out of this world the controls just take everything to the highest level of the highest level that a truck could go what an adventure thanks for taking us on it and we have received the new Hummer truck shirt thank you very much