TWO YEAR Solar Update!! - Is Do it Yourself Solar Worth it?!

My Solar panels have been making energy for TWO whole YEARS! Learn more about the Anker 757 HERE: or Buy one HERE: Huge thanks to for sponsoring this video. . Today we go over the data from the last two years on my self installed solar panels. We'll find out how much money the panels have made, and if solar is worth it. Spoiler alert.... it is worth it.
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Original installation video:
1 Year update video:
Off Grid Solar Barn video:
Attempt any DIY project at your own risk. Follow local code. Working with electricity can be dangerous and/or deadly.
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  1. JerryRigEverything


    3000 charge cycles is crazy! Check out the Anker 757! Use code POWERHOUSE to get $100 discount HERE:

  2. Tech With Brett

    Tech With Brett

    I had 4 solar salesman come by this year promoting the net metering program. The installation cost always makes them seem not very cost effective. I might need to look into this DIY option.

  3. Jcfirekid


    2 Years!? It feels just like yesterday we were watching you install it

  4. jaizon


    I love how Zack explains things on a great level. Not over the top, but just right!

  5. NimblyBimbly


    After living with roof mounted solar panels (grid tied) for 4 years I can say with confidence that if you live where it snows, and you plan to go off grid, you need to mount the panels on a steep angle. Don't worry about it being too steep for the summertime, there's tons of sun in the summer. It's the panel's ability to shed snow, lower sun angle and shorter days in the winter that you need to plan for.

  6. Dan Pearson

    Dan Pearson

    I installed my solar wholesale setup just over a year ago with help from your videos. Same experience as you, working really well maintenance free. Thanks for posting the update!

  7. Crazzy Crisis

    Crazzy Crisis

    As someone who lived through that Texas Freeze, that wasn't the half of it. We were freezing to death in our homes. We couldn't drive anywhere because there is no deicing of roadways. I didn't have drinkable water for almost 2 weeks, we were just lucky to have some bottled water. At least our food didn't go bad because it was refrigerator temp inside the house

  8. KJK


    This man is living the dream of every 45+ year old man

  9. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones

    A seedling heating mat may be worth looking into for your 3 battery system. It seems you could run it off them and heat them all slightly when needed. Such mats only raise the temp up to 20 degrees so could be easily managed with a timer or sensor.

  10. FAB1150


    I just got solar installed, I'm so amped! (Pun intended lol)

  11. Don Armstrong

    Don Armstrong

    I love this kinda stuff & Zach is so entertaining to watch! I know he built this channel by testing phones, but personally I enjoy the vlog style more! 🙌

  12. Edwin D

    Edwin D

    Right off the bat, that Anker backup is pretty neat and pretty impressive. Thanks for that.

  13. Aditya Devnath

    Aditya Devnath

    Hey Zack. Awesome work.👍

  14. Pete Heslop

    Pete Heslop

    Hey Zach I’ve been keeping up with you since high school and am planning an off grid self sufficient cabin build in the next 5 years. As you keep producing diy content it will drive down costs and make clean energy more realistic for the masses. I have friends who sell solar and they’re getting paid way more than what it’s worth to have and install units. Thanks for documenting your experiments it inspires a lot of people.

  15. Undecided with Matt Ferrell

    Undecided with Matt Ferrell

    Great to see this update on how it’s working out! 👍

  16. Dave A

    Dave A

    I'm loving the projects that you do and the EV content. I subbed for the phone destruction, but the channel content just keeps getting better and better!

  17. FusionSniping


    Pretty great to see it all run well, though for many households pretty sad how they waited until gas skyrocketed, was pretty obvious that solar panels were at the most effective price like the last 3 years and oil was under big pressure and we all know what happened

  18. Elie Bedran

    Elie Bedran

    Great content Zack, you absolutely proved the efficiency of solar panels. I hope you will add some wind turbines to the same system or on a next project and later on compare the outcomes with the existing solar panels. Wind energy is also a great source of free energy!

  19. Michał Ilnicki

    Michał Ilnicki

    The installation costs are indeed a nightmare. But the hardware also costs a whole lot to be honest. Unfortunately grid-tie systems often go offline when the grid is down, unless there is a master inverter that separates the microinverter array from the grid and provides a baseline for the separated system untill the grid kicks back in. I have found a pretty good niche myself - broken hardware. Received a damaged 6KVA UPS for effectively scrap value and I'm making a 12V buffer system for it, powered with random solar panels i find for little to nothing. For now the main battery is a string of 15 lead acids in series, but in the future ill go for lithium ions. The 12V buffer is a 200Ah Liion battery from a wrecked vehicle, turned out only one cell out of 6 was shorted. Using broken hardware is really the highest cost/efficiency ratio you can get, of course at the price of knowing what you are doing, but many things could be handled by literally anyone! :)

  20. Jorge Lausell

    Jorge Lausell

    Hey! Thanks, some questions...