Steam Deck Durability Test! - Is the 'Upgraded Glass' Worth it?

Its time to Durability Test the new Steam Deck! Grab your real tempered glass screen protector from dbrand HERE: And grab my epic Teardown Skin Here: Since the dawn of time humans have wanted to carry all their video games in one convenient location. This is where the steam deck comes in. It can hold all your games in one convenient location. But is it durable! What is the steam deck made from? Can it survive a JerryRigEverything durability test? There is only one way to find out.
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  1. Joinen


    For reference the Nintendo Switch has anywhere between 291 to 380 nits brightness depending on the model. Complaining about the steam deck's 400 should be more of a criticism of hand-held gaming devices' peak brightness as whole, rather than a device specific thing.

  2. Mahiro Fuwa

    Mahiro Fuwa

    I don't usually feels bad about Jerry's tests on phones but this .... this one hits really hard.

  3. M D

    M D

    JerryRig openly talking how he has 2 steamdecks and is giving one away to then quietly placing a 3rd steamdeck with Dbrand skin in the scene 😂

  4. bloodydrain


    Man as someone still waiting for his Deck to arrive it was painful to watch the scratch tests! Btw there will surely be some shell replacements in the future, and screen replacement (and possible upgrade) are the most likely the first to arrive, so the scratched SD have a chance to be restored to its former glory (or better)!

  5. Ionut Gorgovan

    Ionut Gorgovan

    "owning 2 sold out steamdecks is rather excessive"

  6. Stacey Gray

    Stacey Gray

    Really enjoyed this video. Looks like a well made portable gaming system - props to Valve 🙂

  7. Cim


    Not gonna lie, considering how much I want one of these... Watching this test hurt.

  8. Codex 404

    Codex 404

    I don't typically watch horror movies, but this was a great one :D

  9. Cole Hintermeister

    Cole Hintermeister

    The more I see about the Steamdeck, the more it really blows any other handheld out of the water. Cost for performance is nuts, and once FSR2 is a little more widespread it’ll really be a crazy lil beast.

  10. Horse Deluxe

    Horse Deluxe

    I've never watched videos like this before, and so I've never seen fire's effect on a screen like that. I wasn't expecting the black to fade away, even if there's still a noticeable splotch of differently-colored pixels in that spot. That's wild.

  11. Facundo


    Making the screen brighter would mean more battery consumption. While the effectiveness of the anti glare coating can be disputed, it's a passive way to increase visibility without compromising battery life.

  12. Ben Willock

    Ben Willock

    iFixit is meant to have spare parts for these available at some point, so Zack should be able to repair his deck to fully working conditon no matter how badly he takes it apart 😁

  13. Madblaster6


    “I shouldn’t have 2, I’ll give one away” proceeds to pull out a third.

  14. ralmslb


    Holy shit! That Tear down skin looks SICK!

  15. John Linkletter

    John Linkletter

    As a Gamer waiting for my deck reservation, this test hurt me much more than any other test you've done, As always though, great video!

  16. Kinnik Kinnick

    Kinnik Kinnick

    I was really hopeful for a drop test and to see how much abuse it takes before the screen cracks.. any chance we can get some of that?

  17. JaiRestore


    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

  18. Androgeos Exeunt

    Androgeos Exeunt

    The Steam Deck passing the bend test might be more important than it looks.

  19. RPG and JRPG Streaming

    RPG and JRPG Streaming

    Normally these videos don't hurt my heart. However this hurt me as I am anticipating my Steam Deck email soon and watching the destruction pained me.

  20. Flashbang Photo

    Flashbang Photo

    I would have expected it to fare worse being big, but heck, it's well built.