Steam Deck Teardown! - There's a secret inside the track pad...

Its time to take apart the brand new Steam Deck! Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at . Thanks to for sponsoring this video! The Steam Deck is a slightly more nerdy version of the Nintendo Switch. Built for computer games its like a little PC in your pocket. (if you have really big pockets). Today we are goign to disassemble the new Steam Deck from Valve so we can see how it works from the inside. Where the fan is located, how big is the steam deck battery? and how things might be replaced.
Steam Deck Durability Test Video:
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  1. Salem Techsperts

    Salem Techsperts

    I can't overstate how much credit Valve deserves for making almost everything modular and selling genuine parts to consumers. I lobby for Right to Repair here in MA and on the federal level, and sometimes it feels like I'm yelling at clouds. Seeing a product like this gives me a little morale booster. Awesome video man.

  2. George IO

    George IO

    I am stunned by the lack of soldered wires. Most things seem to plug in, which is just great for repairs.

  3. Cody Stephens

    Cody Stephens

    About self-tapping screws. I learned this from a friend who's an engineer. You want to counter-cloclwise turn the screw until it "clicks" and falls into place. From there, turn clockwise and it will fall into the pre-existing threading.

  4. M1LAD


    The trick with screws that go into plastic posts is to pop the screw in place and turn anticlockwise. You will feel the screw fall into it's original threads, that way you don't chew up the material inside the post. It will be as strong as before. Always use this method for plastic and wood.

  5. Flabbergash


    This is cracking. Valve deserve major credit for making it is repairable.

  6. tommihommi1


    the mAh aren't useful to compare. The Switch uses a lower voltage battery, so the difference is much bigger.

  7. Shmynkell Bonkonstien

    Shmynkell Bonkonstien

    Yesterday I opened my deck to fix the sticky b button and I’m impressed how logically everything is laid out. The joysticks are going to be super easy to replace if you ever get stick drift.

  8. Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    The metal can appears to be a shield - especially because of the copper trace for its footprint with what looks like spring contacts. It’s job is to keep EMF in or out, depending on the application.

  9. Venoxium


    I'm really happy that Valve is taking the reparability approach.

  10. TechSpaceCowboy


    The SSD’s are indeed swappable for any who wonder. I did an upgrade on my 64gb up to 256 and saved a bit of money

  11. Jagdeep Bhatt

    Jagdeep Bhatt

    Love the way they made it easy repairable by putting separate boards for almost every important function.

  12. EV-olution


    That is an impressive bit of hardware that seems very easy to fix, very cool. FYI, the skin you show at the end is quite epic! I have never been a "skin your hardware" kind of guy, but I would definitely use that skin if I had a Steam Deck, it really is awesome. I also appreciate the amount of editing that goes into making your various videos.

  13. Sir Kamote

    Sir Kamote

    Valve upped their game bigtime with this, hopefully we get more in the future with new tech with the same repairability.

  14. Collin Henderson

    Collin Henderson

    Love seeing that they marked almost every board in a way to let you know where it belongs.

  15. PenguinYayOne



  16. goopler


    I've repaired dozens of different school issue chromebooks and laptops, and I must say there is a striking resemblance between the steam deck and these computers in how they are connected with tons of ribbon cables and just the way they're assembled generally. These make for easy repairs, so well done Valve.

  17. Ramij Khan 2.0

    Ramij Khan 2.0

    So here we are with jerry teaching us anatomy lessons through a gaming handheld. He clearly knows how much we love the sight of the meat & bones pulled out of an electronic equipment.

  18. stuff2watchnowmaybe


    Really hope other companies follow the accessibility of the steam deck. At least in terms of them allowing you to get into the console

  19. MADRIV


    Playing on the only handheld that I ever bought. The psp 3000 while watching this video. The steam deck is just amazing

  20. SixSilverStones


    Wow Valve really considered repairability when designing the Steam Deck, which is awesome