NEW WHEELS! - My Electric Hummer Has Liquids inside?

We got new tires for the Electric Humvee! HUGE thanks to Trail Built Off-road for hooking us up: See what new wheels and tires fit your machine. Today as we near completion of our Military HMMWV turned electric, we get some new tires, add gear oil to the hubs, as well as get the Transfercase and Torquebox buttoned up and ready to roll. Cuz rolling will come soon.
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  1. gautam goel

    gautam goel

    I would love to watch a breakdown of how much the entire project cost Zack. If he is comfortable with sharing that information.

  2. Waldog TV

    Waldog TV

    I think the wheel tire combo looks fine. Matches the theme, and will be good even if you repaint it. I can't wait to see the first test drive of this build!

  3. GrantScottProductions


    Honestly Jerry, whenever I get that notification about a new video, I drop and run to my PC to watch in 4K, all the lights off and make sure there is no one disturbing me. I LOVE these videos and I cannot wait for the end but also hope these type of videos never end.

  4. Scurry


    Check the date of manufacturing on those tires, might be good to keep for spares. Low chance they're still the originals from all that time ago. Also cracking on the sidewall is more dangerous than cracking on the tread, especially with tires that durable I wouldn't worry too much about the cracks you show. Just make sure the side of them aren't cracking, that's how you get blowouts like Westin 😁

  5. Munro Live

    Munro Live

    Such a fun project and a great series. Well done Zack.

  6. 392HEMI32


    Zach, I count six different kinds of liquids (not four):

  7. ThreeTwentyTech


    This series is seriously addicting

  8. Austin D

    Austin D

    Coolant(excited for that video), transfer case, portal hubs, torque box, differentials, power steering, brakes, and

  9. Sailing Channel Marinus

    Sailing Channel Marinus

    The tire weight saving is huge, the biggest impact it has on the centrifugal weight savings of your unsprung weight. The road handling increasing exponentially

  10. Dario


    I love the project and how it is executed! Have you checked the wheel bearings if they are still good? That could improve the milage.

  11. Paul Bowman

    Paul Bowman

    I was happy to see you ordered 5 wheels and tires enabling you to have a spare. We all saw what you did to that Rivian tire. :D

  12. Jonathan Silva

    Jonathan Silva




    Putting that intro of garage opening on repeat 😍

  14. Camm2y


    I personally would've just put Sunraysias with a -25 offset, but these alloy wheels are lighter and they look nice either way 👍🏼

  15. Dan W

    Dan W

    Can't wait to see this on the road! Nice tires and wheels, btw! I saw that episode where Westen was trying to drive his Hummer back across country.🤣 If it weren't for the crappy tires, he may have made it!!😆

  16. MrRadicalMoves


    Just as a "down the road" upgrade thought... since your Humvee is now going to be electric (and nice and quiet) you will be able to hear lots of noise that wouldn't normally come through with the loud engine. The Hummer H1 Portal Hubs use helical gears to cut down on some of that noise rather than the straight cut gears that the Humvees used. Naturally you will get more strength from the straight cut gears, but if it ends up being too loud, this might be an upgrade you may want to consider.

  17. Statewide tfd

    Statewide tfd

    I love watching your electric hummer build I look forward to every video when it comes out and I'm looking forward to the next one. It makes me want to go out and try something new and go out of my comfort zone.

  18. Ankit Pathak

    Ankit Pathak

    This series is an inspiration for everyone out there wanting their own custom sets of wheels

  19. ElectroBOOM


    "the goal is not to end up on a fail video"... I didn't get that memo!!

  20. Akilesh S

    Akilesh S

    I've been watching this series since the first video and each video is more exciting than the previous. Love what you're doing, Zack!