The Oppo Find N - Can the Newcomer Survive?

Lets durability test the Oppo Find N! Sign up for at: for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts. Folding phones are pretty awesome. Seeing pixles wrap around a radius is still mind blowing futuristic. With so many brands using flexible displays these days, its important to know which folding smartphones can survive, and which folding smartphones.... dont survive. Its time to test the new Oppo Find X.
Watch the Teardown HERE:
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  1. Katherine


    Thank you for this test, it's great to see a folding phone that doesn't break as easily as the first generations!

  2. Nombre


    Yesterday I had the luck of trying out the fold 3. It really feels much much solid than what I thought when hearing about it.

  3. Maksymilian Szulborski

    Maksymilian Szulborski

    I just love how you did the screen burn test under the "hot apps" folder

  4. Tech With Brett

    Tech With Brett

    Samsung, make a folding phone with these dimensions.

  5. Alonna Frazier

    Alonna Frazier

    I gotta say. They nailed the hinge section very well. The durability too! The fragility of the inner screen is still a massive dealbreaker especially at that price tag though. I know it's a folding screen and it needs to fold but you're absolutely right it's still a novelty until that becomes more durable at least.

  6. Mosab Reda

    Mosab Reda

    This is for sure my favorite in the folding phones, but the scratching at level 2 is deal breaker for sure specially if it's 1500

  7. Xilnes


    i like this one more than the fold 3 . I own a fold 3 but until fold 4 ( or 5)comes around with the s pen and stuff i feel its not so complete , samsung is holding back deliberately taking a page from apple book doing incremental upgrades each year given their market position in foldables. Interesting to see how this adds to the situation .



    That poetry though. 👏👏👏

  9. Tapas


    I always feel that rollable has a better future than foldable.

  10. P Stephenson

    P Stephenson

    I've been using one of these for a week or so now and i have to say its one impressive piece of kit, it just feels so solid and substantial, even when folded its not that chonky and its small form factor means it fits in jeans pockets nice and snugly, i've been waiting for JR to do this test and i got to say it makes me happier to note that its a decent bit durable, cant wait for the teardown!!!

  11. Gus Bus

    Gus Bus

    I feel like this phone had no right surviving, there's no IP rating for water water or dust. My defense for the Z fold 3 was durability but this looks impressive. Well done Oppo 👏

  12. WoTjolly


    as for form factor, i think the Flip 3 is quite unbratable, but as an overall productivity/media consuming smartphone the Fold 3 is quite the king

  13. Atharva Joshi

    Atharva Joshi

    Folding phones are becoming better and better. Hope we soon reach Pinnacle of folding device technology..

  14. Kris Bright

    Kris Bright

    If only the Oppo Find N had an SD card slot and or dual SIM, and or a headphone jack, this would be the FOLDABLE phone for me!

  15. derbagger22


    That first little crack sound trying to fold it backwards had me squeamish. And then Zach kept trying and trying. Very nice job by Oppo on that.

  16. Beluga


    This is the best one so far in my opinion, the fact that the screen is more hand usable and the half line is almost invisible,great. It also looks very good

  17. vasilis terzoglou

    vasilis terzoglou

    I was really hoping for a bend test in the direction perpendicular to the crease while the phone is open, not that it would likely do any damage but just for the record

  18. badasspuppy


    Shocking! It really handled the beating way better than I'd expect. Love the form factor, love the inner screen. If this had some kind of S pen, I'd love to try it out for jotting things down.

  19. Peter the Panda

    Peter the Panda

    I wonder when Oppo will stop obsessing about Algebra. They keep asking us to "Find X". Now they want us to "Find N".

  20. Les Heatley

    Les Heatley

    Love the phone and passing the tests even better. Too small for me though. I’d buy it no trouble if it was taller……..oh and less expensive 👍