Does the Oppo Find N *REALLY* have a 136 part Hinge? - Teardown!

How water resistant is the Oppo Find N? Go to or text jerryrig to 500 500 to start using Audible today, and get your free audiobook. Today its time we find out what the Folding Oppo Find N smartphone looks like on the inside. Running Android, we can see how Oppo added water resistance to the Oppo Find N, and how many components make up the flexible hinge holding the two halves together.
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  1. Sayooj Chathoth

    Sayooj Chathoth

    Can you compare the speaker quality with and without the foam balls? Would love to see how much of a difference it makes

  2. Preetam


    I got to be honest, this was one of the most destructive teardowns I have seen so far from Zack 😀

  3. Priyabrata Parhi

    Priyabrata Parhi

    It's safe to assume that repairability is going to be a nightmare for these folding phones.

  4. DavidGP


    Incredible that the outer parts of the hinge are actively being moved linearly when folding it

  5. CoMaNdO


    It would be nice to see you test the hardness of the flexible glass layer in future teardowns, so we could see what it can sustain compared to both gorilla glass and the plastic layers, putting durability-related marketing to the test

  6. Gare


    It's just a shame something so advanced is so hard to disassemble and repair. I get that it comes with the territory, but we're entering an even worse era of repairability with folding phones...

  7. 700y


    Amazing engineering in this phone. Crazy amount of parts.

  8. Matthew Radford

    Matthew Radford

    Lots of wincing in this teardown… brutal and destructive… so while the nicely branded Oppo battery seems easy to remove, nobody is ever going to make it that far at home without a lot of tears and regret.

  9. GSSwordsmen


    That hinge is amazing for sure! I mean, Samsung made 3 and got it close (they'll probably nail it on the 4th one). Oppo looked at it, said they're making one, and then tossed it on the table for people to play with it. So far, every tech tuber that got this device is amazed at how smoothly this phone opens and closes. The breakdown you did shows they did some gear physics and material stress test to put out the best folding/hinged device.

  10. Alden Lipiarski

    Alden Lipiarski

    The engineering on the hinge is really impressive!

  11. God'sFaithful


    Putting a piece of packing tape on the back will improve the suction. I use this trick when repairing screens or back glass of phones. This would help with the textured back.

  12. George D. Marsack

    George D. Marsack

    This was good free marketing for Oppo. Well built phone! Wish it wasn't so expensive but I can see now why. It's a technical marvel!

  13. Yatindra Manas

    Yatindra Manas

    For those who can't snap, no problem

  14. vikram r

    vikram r

    one of the most satisfying teardowns I have seen in years. Thanks Jerry! and Oppo as well.

  15. brakjart


    The hinge no doubt is the best part. The ingeneering that had to go into designing it is fucking insane. Just the fact that it shuts completely leaving no gap between the two sides makes it the best design so far in folding devices atm.

  16. Jared Isbell

    Jared Isbell

    Wow that hinge is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while, its gotta be difficult to manufacture but engineering art is nice to look at

  17. PsotnikSC


    I think the side effect of folding phone development could be a revolution in furniture industry.

  18. Ron Rice

    Ron Rice

    Hi Zach. I just caught one of your videos a few days ago and wound up watching a few of them, like the electric bike, the elevator, and a Q & A session from a year ago. Actually, the correct term is 'jury rigging'. I don't know if you knew that. I've been using it for most of my 68 years. I think you two are a great couple. Speaking of phones, I have a Motorola E6 and it's a pain. What is the best one for seniors for easy operation and easy navigation?

  19. Fixingthingz4u


    I remember a day you used to pull this apart and get them back together without much damage Zack lately looks like that's not going to happen anymore mate great vid !

  20. Art C

    Art C

    Thanks for the tear down. It makes us appreciate how much design and tech that e can actually buy. However ts hard to see you break things down after watching the building of your projects